Washington, DC, Welcomes its First Salt Spa

Bethesda Salt Cave Opens Himalayan Salt Grotto

Halomed North America is delighted to share in the excitement over the opening of the Bethesda Salt Cave. Just minutes from Washington D.C., the Bethesda Salt Cave is owned by Janine Narayadu, a highly trained massage therapist who wanted to expand her business to include halotherapy. The Bethesda Salt Cave is a stunning representation of a Himalayan salt grotto. Himalayan-salt crystals, some 22 tons’ worth, cover the walls of the 390-square-foot room, with several inches of loose salt covering the floor. Illuminated with Himalayan salt lamps, the space is both cozy and dramatic.

Bethesda Salt Cave's Halomed-equipped Himalayan Salt Grotto

Bethesda Salt Cave's Halomed-equipped Himalayan Salt Grotto


Bethesda Salt Cave includes special events, such as the weekly mommy-and-me salt-cave sessions, and breathing and meditation classes.

Recently ABC 7 aired a segment on the Bethesda Salt Cave, which you can view here; accompanying the link is an AP/WTOP news article on the spa.

The Halomed NA team congratulates Ms. Narayadu for bringing to completion a project that reflects her creative, expansive vision of a Himalayan salt grotto, and for her determination in providing quality service in such a beautiful, welcoming environment. To learn more about the Bethesda Salt Cave, visit www.bethesdasaltcave.com.

September 19, 2014