Touch of Grace Day Spa and Salt Cave Opens in Martinsburg, WV


“Leave your shoes, electronics and any negative vibes at the door,” say owners Brenda Walker and Beryl Yao, who recently opened Touch of Grace Day Spa and Salt Cave in Martinsburg, WV. The first Controlled Halotherapy salt room in the Almost Heaven state has gotten a lot of attention from local media and business leaders. Halomed NA was delighted to provide the essential technology that makes modern salt therapy possible and add Touch of Grace to the ever-growing number of Halomed-equipped salt rooms.

Just an hour-and-a-half from Washington, D.C., Touch of Grace is in the West Virginia’s beautiful Eastern Panhandle, known for its scenic mountain vistas, rushing rivers, quaint small towns and open pastures with grazing cows.

Walker and Yao are enterprising women, known for scouring the planet in search of new, natural and effective approaches to wellness. It was on a trip abroad that they first experienced salt therapy. Yet in their own region, people are quickly finding a place for salt therapy in their own lives:

“People are surprised when they come in. They can’t believe they have something like this in their state,” Walker said. “A lot of people start out with a single session, then when they see the benefits, they take plans for four, eight or 12 sessions.”

Touch of Grace is yet another great result of the work of Salt Cave Inc., master developers of Himalayan salt caves. Learn more about Touch of Grace by watching the following story from WHAG-TV, Touch of Grace Opens in Martinsburg, or by reading about the spa’s opening in the Hagerstown Herald, Touch of Grace Opens Salt Spa.

Contact the spa at its Touch of Grace Facebook page, or visit or call them 970 Foxcroft Ave. #104, Martinsburg, WV 25401, (304) 263-3070.