Salt of the Earth Opens in Sugar Land, Texas

Thanks to ABC 13 Houston, Houston Moms Blog and other media coverage, Houstonians are getting the chance to learn about and experience salt therapy at the new Halomed-equipped Salt of the Earth Houston in Sugar Land, Texas. Salt of the Earth has three salt rooms, one for children, one for adults and one for the very fortunate – those getting concurrent massage and salt therapy. This new business occupies a corner section of a busy retail area.

This is yet another salt spa launched because one of the owners found effective relief with salt therapy. Sandy Hinderliter, M.S., and her husband, Mark Hinderliter, Ph.D., started making plans to built a salt therapy spa with the realization that salt therapy he received elsewhere provided significant relief for a chronic respiratory condition.

Sandy and Mark come to the salt spa business with diverse backgrounds. She is a certified life coach and he is a human resources executive. They share the goal of helping people live and feel better. Already Salt of the Earth has some very loyal customers, including Patricia Morton who told ABC 13 about her experience after 10 weeks of salt therapy:

"I started coming to get salt therapy for help because I have a lung disease that was progressively getting worse. I was on high power antibiotics and steroids for several months, and as soon as I got off, I would start another infection," she said.

She explained benefits for her condition were cumulative but consistent after 10 weeks of 45-minute sessions.

"It's been an amazing, life-changing thing for me. I haven't been on any meds for almost ten weeks now. I'm feeling more energetic, I'm breathing so much better. I've even been told my voice is louder," Morton added.

Salt therapy in the United States is promoted for its wellness support and contribution to respiratory hygiene, and the results for many salt room visitors – especially those who participate in a multi-week course – can be impressive.

The Hinderliters welcome new visitors with a major discount. To learn more about Salt of the Earth Houston, visit them at 9920 Hwy 90, Suite 200, (at Dairy Ashford) in Sugar Land; business hours are Tuesday – Friday, Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Contact them online at www.saltoftheearthhou.com or call (832) 939-8998.