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What Else Should I Expect from Halomed Devices?

All halogenerators come with installation and maintenance manuals, and are sold with two-year warranties and custom support by phone/e-mail during the warranty period. The price of our halogenerators also INCLUDES custom consultation on the HVAC system for your salt room, which requires that you send your floor plan to us.

Consulting advice includes:

  • How to design HVAC for your salt room (positioning vents, how to air-condition, etc.),
  • Where to install halogenerator, DSA sensor, etc.,
  • Where to purchase salt for your halogenerator.

Safe and Effective Salt Therapy

Two key factors determine the effectiveness of salt-room therapy:

  • The level and consistency of dry salt aerosol concentration in the salt room, and
  • Balanced distribution of properly micronized particles.

These two factors are necessary to maximize the benefits of salt therapy and authentically replicate the beneficial environment found in natural salt caves.

In all our halogenerators:

  • The average dry salt aerosol concentration is controlled with an optoelectronic sensor that is mounted in the salt room,
  • At least 80% of the salt particles measure between 1 and 5 micrometers, due to the quality and unique design of our device, and
  • Consistent DSA composition during sessions, as a result of the constant speed of the generator’s grinder.

All Halomed models provide the salt room owners the flexibility to control the DSA concentration and session duration. The HaloSmart-01 also offers the convenience of several preset and custom programs.

Real-Time Controlled Salt Room Atmosphere

It is a big challenge to keep dry salt aerosol concentration consistent in salt rooms during sessions. That's because aerosol is influenced by many factors:

  • The size of salt granules fed into the generator,
  • Moisture in the salt particles,
  • Air-pipe conditions, and
  • Salt-room ambient humidity and temperature, as well as the actual rate of air circulation.

Halomed halogenerators control salt room aerosol concentration and provide confirmation of aerosol conditions in real-time, on a front-panel monitor.

Consistent, Reliable Quality

With minimal maintenance, Halomed equipment operates virtually clog free. With routine cleaning, a simple procedure that takes just minutes a day, salt room owners appreciate the consistent, quality performance that Halomed technology dependably provides.

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Patent Information
Canadian patent # 2,775,686.

Disclaimer The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Canadian Medical Device Bureau of the Therapeutic Product Directorate (TPD) have not evaluated statements of this presentation. Halogenerators are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in humans or animals.

The halogenerators produce and disperse dry sodium chloride (salt) aerosol, which can penetrate exposed electronic, electrical and mechanical devices and systems and salt residue can accumulate on their external and internal surfaces. Salt accumulates on floors, walls, and ceilings and in the HVAC systems of premises where halognerators are used. When wet, salt is corrosive to unprotected metals and is electrically conductive.