Four Elements Salon Expands with Himalayan Salt Cave that Delivers Controlled Salt Therapy


What started 10 years as a place for people to go to look better has turned into full service salon and spa, where people of all ages can also now go to for relief, for improved health and mindfulness. Four Elements Salon & Spa, celebrating a decade of service in Westport, has launched the next phase of its business with a move to a new, larger site that includes the area’s first salt therapy room, a Halomed-equipped 324 square-foot Himalayan salt grotto, with space for up to 10 people to sit in and relax while they breathe lightly salt-enriched air for 50 minutes. Salt therapy supports wellness and offers relief from the symptoms that plague many people this time of year: seasonal allergies, sinus congestion, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

“I was looking to add an element to my spa when I moved that would promote health and wellness,” said Four Elements owner Kathy Quinlan. “After hearing about salt therapy at a spa conference that I was attending I decided to research the benefits.” Quinlan was impressed with what she learned about salt therapy’s relief for many common respiratory ailments. And while there will be plenty of sessions for people to sit, breathe in and relax, the salt room will also be the site for Reiki and yoga sessions, and more. “We also will have health discussions on improved nutrition and freedom from the ‘urge to splurge’ and communicating with your partner about being sensitive – and the concept that sensitivity is your strength,” she added.

To build the Himalayan salt grotto, Quinlan hired an expert in the emerging U.S. salt therapy business, a specialist originally from Poland – whose salt rooms across the Unites States feature walls and other surfaces covered in heavy boulders of pinkish amber salt mined from salt caves in Pakistan and Nepal. A loose salt floor pads visitors’ steps across the room.

Since opening last month, Four Elements has already established a solid customer base, people seeking relief for allergies, asthma, depression and, of course, stress as well as various skin conditions.

Halotherapy was developed in Russia and other Eastern European countries, where since the mid 19th century people seeking relief from respiratory ailments sought out treatment at the renowned salt mines that dot the region. Beginning in the late 1980s, a young Russian pulmonologist and her husband labored arduously for years to replicate salt mine conditions, and developed a device that could grind salt into microscopic particles and effectively disperse them into a closed chamber with special ventilation. In the past several years, dry salt therapy has taken hold in the United States, which now has approximately 200 salt room businesses.

In Russia, Poland, Ukraine and other places in that region, salt rooms abound and the therapy is prescribed by physicians. In Western Europe, Canada and the United States, it’s a form of complementary care. Washington D.C.-based Halomed North America was delighted to be a part of Four Seasons’ expansion by providing the technology.

Above-ground salt therapy is made possible by an electromechanical device that salt room visitors might never see because it is housed outside the salt room, on an adjacent wall. Halogenerators micronize pharmaceutical grade salt and, via a fan, disperses it into the salt room. The only sign that there’s equipment at work is a small sensor mounted on a salt room wall, which continuously measures the level of salt in the air and prompts the halogenerator to either idle or produce more dry salt aerosol, to keep salt room conditions consistent with settings entered at the beginning of each session.

The salt room at Four Elements is open Tuesday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Salt therapy sessions start on the hour, and visitors should plan to arrive at least 10 minutes in advance. For more information call
(508) 672-3111 or visit Four Elements’ website at