About Us

Since 1991 the Aeromed-Halomed Group has been producing dry salt aerosol generators, or halogenerators, and providing related services - consultation, installation, salt room design and construction. Aeromed-Halomed has over 4,000 satisfied customers throughout the world.

Halomed North America, Inc., based in the Washington, D.C. area, is a member of the Aeromed-Halomed Group, which has research, development, manufacturing and distribution facilities located in LithuaniaRussiaItaly and Hungary (IRHH andHalomed Saltroom Trading kft). Halomed equipment for North American market is manufactured in Lithuania.

Since 2012, Halomed NA has provided customers with experienced guidance in salt room development. Halomed NA works collaboratively with its customers and, when needed, engineers with the Aeromed-Halomed Group. We have created custom solutions for salt room developers with unique architectural and engineering challenges. The company's commitment to providing customers with quality halogenerators assures that our salt room owners can outfit their facilities with efficient and reliable equipment.

Halomed NA sells only Aeromed-Halomed-developed and manufactured equipment, the only equipment available in North America that provides devices that deliver consistent, precise levels of dry salt aerosol.

Co-owner of the Aeromed-Halomed Group, Alina V. Chervinskaya, M.D., Ph.D.

Alina V. Chervinskaya

Halomed's product line is comprised of halotherapy equipment developed on the evidence-based methods and technologies pioneered by Alina V. Chervinskaya, M.D., Ph.D., co-owner, co-founder and medical director of the Aeromed-Halomed Group. Her research on dry salt aerosol therapy, or halotherapy, spans more than 25 years. She is one of the most prominent and often-cited specialists in halotherapy, and has conducted extensive research and published numerous articles on the delivery and benefits of salt therapy. She is the pioneer of the Controlled Halotherapy concept, which demonstrates the importance of measuring and adjusting the level of dry salt aerosol in salt room air. Dr. Chervinskya's research and experience span academic medical research and practice. She has served as the Director of the Scientific Clinical Center of Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, L.G. Sokolov Hospital-122 of FMBA (St. Petersburg, Russia); is a professor of restorative medicine, sports medicine, balneology and physiotherapy at the Institute of Postgraduate Professional Education of FMBA (Moscow, Russia) and is a member of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), the International Society of Medical Hydrology & Climatology (ISMH), and the International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM).

Our History

We were the first company to set the high bar for halotherapy performance by pioneering the concept of controlled halotherapy. No other company is as committed to research and development as the Aeromed-Halomed Group. Due to the Group’s comprehensive scientific approach and background, we continue to challenge the industry with innovative engineering and design solutions.

A Letter From The President


Carol Dunlap Scruggs

Thank you so much for visiting Halomed North America. Our company is eager to help you learn more about salt therapy, whether for your business or home.

To work for Halomed is a real joy, especially knowing that the combined efforts of salt room owners and Halomed’s research and development team are bringing effective salt therapy to the many people who so greatly benefit from it.

I first met the owners of Aeromed-Halomed and visited one of their early salt rooms in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1993, while I served as the media relations liaison for a U.S.-Russian exchange team led by the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park and Virginia Commonwealth University, my alma mater. The exchange culminated in an exhibition of Russian life-science technologies that at the time were little known in the West. In the year leading up to the exhibition, the VCU research team investigated scores of Russian technologies, and Halomed-Aeromed was part of the elite group that made the final cut. In fact, it was one of the technologies most enthusiastically embraced for its potential. The exhibition was hailed by the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and other major media.

I have been with Halomed NA since it launched in 2012. The company’s opening ushered in sales of Halomed equipment to North America for the first time, and it’s been thrilling watching the market grow from a handful of early customers to the coast-to-coast Halomed-equipped salt rooms now in successful operations. What astonishes me is the diversity of markets in which salt rooms thrive. From small towns to big cities, from Alaska to the tip of Florida on up to Nova Scotia, salt rooms equipped by Halomed are bringing a much-needed service to a public that is growing in its appreciation for halotherapy.

When you call or email Halomed NA, I’ll be eager to hear about your plans to bring salt therapy to your community – or beyond – and be glad to share information on the equipment and salt room engineering required to build a successful salt therapy business. Together we can consult on Halomed’s line of salt room devices to help you decide which model will provide the best technical solution for your specific needs. We are here to support you with knowledge and experience of Halomed engineers and feedback from the many Halomed-equipped salt room owners across the United States and Canada.

Communications and marketing are my passion, and I’ve have been involved in this aspect of business for many years, much of it in health care, academic and other educational or technical organizations. Much of my career has involved making science and technology understandable for the public, and so I hope that you’ll leave every conversation feeling up to speed on what you need to know – about salt therapy, the market, the equipment, salt room engineering and more.

So please call us to get started on bringing your salt room plans to life!