Michael and Diana Leone
The Salt Studio
1380 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA

“When we were planning our salt rooms, we researched different companies and distributors to see what halogenerators would be the best for our business. Having been new to halotherapy and salt room construction, we had a lot of questions. We got Halomed’s information from another salt room owner that we had called, and we’re very happy that we did!

“One of the things that made us decide on Halomed is the fact that their generators have an optoelectronic sensor that accurately measures and controls the aerosol concentration in the room. There is a read out of the measurement in real time as well as an average after the session, which helps us know that everything is running fine. The quality of the generators is great and we were surprised at how quiet and compact they are.

“The other reason we are happy we went with Halomed is their service. They helped us figure out the best method for construction, installation and and updating the halogenerators’ software. That’s service!

“We would recommend Halomed to anyone interested in starting or updating a salt room."

The Salt Studio, Pasadena, CA