Matthew Walsh
The Salt Sanctuary
4101 Watson Boulevard, Johnson City, NY

“We had been using a different company's model of halogenerator for a couple of years, and we experienced problems with the machines frequently. Machine parts, including the salt distribution motor and grinder motor, often broke down or did not work properly, and we needed to request replacement parts as a result. Unfortunately, the company did not provide replacement parts or service in a timely manner, and our business suffered as a result.

“We knew of Halomed from our research on halotherapy, and once we engaged them we learned that Halomed was a sophisticated team that offered a top-of-the-line-product for a reasonable price. After installing their halogenerators, we didn't have any problems and when any questions or concerns did arise, they were answered immediately in a kind and supportive manner. Also, our clientele remarked on how they felt a greater salt therapy benefit from the Halomed halogenerators as compared to the previous machines.

“Halomed runs their business with great integrity and takes pride in delivering a quality, research-based solution to the client.

“We feel that Halomed is a class-act that puts the customer first and provides a top-of-the-line solution. For a truly effective halotherapy operation, in our opinion, their knowledge and product are the only option.”

Salt Sanctuary, Johnson City, NY