Kelly Williams
Salt of the Earth Massage and Wellness Studio
1035 Green Street, Conyers, GA

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank Halomed for the superior customer support that I received while constructing my salt room. Igor was wonderful, he was always quick to reply and I could always depend on him to give me sound advice and logical solutions in a very timely manner. In the early stages of my business Halomed was the only company I found that would give me solid information in which to formulate my business plan. This was very important to me and the livelihood of my business. There was never a doubt in my mind about who was going to win my business for helping me with my salt room.

“As for the generator: I love it! The Halomed generator is a quality product; it is engineered for performance and is easy to use. I love the ability to customize sessions.

“I appreciate Halomed's continued support for their product by sending me educational webinars and updates on technical advice for taking care of the generator. Thank you Halomed N.A. for your continued support of my salt room!”

Salt of the Earth Massage and Wellness Studio, Conyers, GA