Anne Glasgow
OM Spa Chiropractic and Wellness,
523 Fenton Place, Charlotte, NC

“I researched companies for a long time and talked to other salt room owners before deciding on the equipment. The fact that there was so much medical research behind what you are doing, and that you had different sizes of halogenerators helped me to decide. A number of the other salt rooms that I asked about the equipment said they wish they had purchased from you.

“You always responded...patiently as I took my time and asked repeated questions. When I made the decision, the process of purchasing from you was very quick and efficient.

“I received the information and the equipment as soon as I asked for it, without delays. It has performed beautifully and it is easy to use.

“I have talked to a number of companies that build salt rooms and sell the halogenators. Halomed is the only one that I felt completely comfortable purchasing from. There was never any pressure to purchase, and you always responded to my inquiries promptly.”