Touch of Grace Day Spa and Salt Cave Opens in Martinsburg, WV

“Leave your shoes, electronics and any negative vibes at the door,” say owners Brenda Walker and Beryl Yao, who recently opened Touch of Grace Day Spa and Salt Cave in Martinsburg, WV. The first Controlled Halotherapy salt room in the Almost Heaven state has gotten a lot of attention from local media and business leaders. Halomed NA was delighted to provide the essential technology that makes modern salt therapy possible and add Touch of Grace to the ever-growing number of Halomed-equipped salt rooms.


Alabama’s first salt aerosol therapy spa, Spiro Salt Room & Massage, in Mt. Brook, now open

Halotherapy, also known as inhaled dry salt aerosol therapy, is available in special salt room facilities from Alaska to the tip of Florida. People sit in these therapeutic salt rooms, available in spas, wellness centers and some healthcare centers, to breathe in air laced with low levels of micronized salt particles, while they relax for 30 to 50-minute sessions, letting the salt do its job of alleviating common respiratory and skin ailments.

Halomed UAB celebrates 10 years of production

Halomed UAB celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Halomed UAB celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Now ranks among top producers of halotherapy equipment and services   VILNIUS, LITHUANIA — Ten years ago the company Halomed UAB was established in Vilnius, Lithuania to manufacture halotherapy equipment. Start-up was slow during that inaugural year. In 2005, when great amounts of time and resources were spent on earning…


Washington, DC, Welcomes its First Salt Spa

Washington, DC, Welcomes its First Salt Spa Bethesda Salt Cave Opens Himalayan Salt Grotto Halomed North America is delighted to share in the excitement over the opening of the Bethesda Salt Cave. Just minutes from Washington D.C., the Bethesda Salt Cave is owned by Janine Narayadu, a highly trained massage therapist who wanted to expand…