Bethesda Salt Cave home of Massage Metta

Name: Bethesda Salt Cave home of Massage Metta Phone: 00000000000 address: Email: Website:   Story of the Salt Cave Globally, we are increasingly exposed to pollutants in both the air that we breathe and the water we consume. Therefore, it is not surprising that over the last decade there has been a drastic increase in skin…

HaloSet HalomedNA salt room halo-therapy equipment


All new! The HaloSET dry salt aerosol system is perfect for small salt rooms, yet packed with features. Internal salt storage for a day’s worth of sessions, automatic salt loading and wireless remote control from up to 55 feet away are part of this small, affordable system.


Touch of Grace Day Spa and Salt Cave Opens in Martinsburg, WV

“Leave your shoes, electronics and any negative vibes at the door,” say owners Brenda Walker and Beryl Yao, who recently opened Touch of Grace Day Spa and Salt Cave in Martinsburg, WV. The first Controlled Halotherapy salt room in the Almost Heaven state has gotten a lot of attention from local media and business leaders. Halomed NA was delighted to provide the essential technology that makes modern salt therapy possible and add Touch of Grace to the ever-growing number of Halomed-equipped salt rooms.