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Halomed Halogenerators and Salt Rooms in the U.S.

Best Available Technology
When it comes to providing top-of-the-line salt therapy, or halotherapy, quality equipment and customer support are critical. When you purchase a halogenerator from Halomed North America, you are getting a device that offers the best available technology as a result of the company’s decades of scientific and product research. Our halogenerators are backed by a design and manufacturing process committed to producing dependable, durable equipment that produces consistent results and lasts for years.

Outstanding Customer Support
Halomed is driven by the mission of developing and producing halotherapy devices that provide natural, quality-of-life benefits for a wide range of people. When you buy Halomed equipment, you become a valued partner in improving people’s lives. We will be there to support you all the way, whether you are purchasing a single device for your home or own a large spa and wish to add salt therapy to your menu of services.

Maximum Results
You can count on Halomed’s dry salt aerosol generators to faithfully replicate the beneficial atmosphere found in natural environments, such as Eastern Europe’s salt caves. With our consulting services, you will be able to own and operate a facility that maximizes dry salt aerosol’s natural beneficial properties.



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Salt therapy for your business

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